Cristina Martínez Fernández

Cristina Martínez Fernández

Barcelona, Espagne

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Sur Teaming nous travaillons dur pour que plus de 8 000 causes sociales puissent réaliser leurs rêves. Depuis que nous avons lancé Teaming, nous avons récolté plus de 18 millions d’euros pour celles-ci. Tout ce que nous collectons dans ce Groupe permet à la Fondation Teaming de continuer ses efforts. Grâce notamment aux Teamers de ce Groupe, Teaming est 100% gratuit et sans commissions. Notre rêve est qu’un jour grâce à ce Groupe nous puissions être autosuffisants. Aide-nous à aider !

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ASGAT is a non-profit association created by a group of volunteers whose objective is to control the colonies of cats. We take care of the control, care and defense of street cats. Veterinary action: sterilization and hospitalization, adoption program and temporary shelters, marking to return them to their neighborhoods of the street with the best sanitary conditions and daily monitoring by volunteers for their food and health control.

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Espai de Gats

Espai de Gats is the first cat café, adoption and education center of Barcelona. Here, you will be able to relax accompanied by our cats, whilst you enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, and a vegan pastry. And, if you fall in love with any of the cats, you may adopt them. This non-profit project is only sustainable thanks to people like you, that either love cats, or feel curious about these small felines. We allocate the teamers' contribution entirely to the cats' maintenaince.