Teaming - 1€/month micro donations

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Legal Agreements Teaming

3. Terms of use for Teaming Manager user

Registration as Teaming Manager

In order to create a Group you must first register as a User and then as a Teaming Manager using the Group Registration form.

In the User registration form you will be requested to provide the following mandatory data:

  • - Name and surname

  • - Email

  • - Password

The following data are optional: Date of birth, town and province.

- In the Group registration form you will be requested to provide the following mandatory data:

• Data relating to the Teaming Manager user:

  • - ID Nº of the Teaming Manager

  • - Bank account number of the Teaming Manager (CCC). This will only be requested if you have not previously registered as a Teamer user.

Data relating to the Group:

  • - Name of the Group

  • - Description of the Group

  • - Details of the owner of the account that is beneficiary of the project (if defined).

  • - Details of the bank account number (CCC) of the project to which the donation is allocated (if defined).

Optionally, the Teaming Manager may: add a photo, indicate what type of Group it is, indicate whether it is a Group that accepts proposals or not.

At the time of creation of the Group, the Teaming Manager may publish a project associated with the Group, to which the revenue will be allocated, or leave it to be defined, in which case, transfer of the donation may not be ordered until the Group project is defined and published, without prejudice to the fact that other Teamers may join the group.

The project may be chosen by all the Teamers or just by the Teaming Manager.

When publishing the project in the Group, the Teaming Manager must provide the following mandatory data: Name of project, description and beneficiary. He may also provide data relating to the project website, photographs, videos and documents. When the project is published in the Group, the other Teamers will be informed by email.

As a prerequisite to registering as Teaming Manager, the user must expressly accept the Teaming Manager Terms of Use and authorize TEAMING to deduct 1 Euro a month from his bank account.