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Legal Agreements Teaming

3. Terms of use for Teaming Manager user

Groups without Teaming Manager

It may happen that a Group that originally has one or more Teaming Managers is left without a Teaming Manager due to the following circumstances:

  • - Expulsion of the Teaming Manager by TEAMING because of criminal reasons (cases of fraud, money laundering, terrorism....

  • - Inactivity of the Teaming Manager in the Group (when the Teaming Manager performs no action in the Group for 1 month or there is a complaint by a Teamer in the Group).

  • - The Teaming Manager receipt has been returned: three consecutive times or the first time we have tried to charge it. It means, the Teaming Manager is no longer collaborating with the cause.

The Groups with inactive Teaming Managers or Teaming Managers with payment errors can have the following circumstances:

  • - There's not money raised.

  • - There's money raised and there aren't Teamers (just the Teaming Manager).

  • - There's money raised and there are Teamers in the Group.

Groups without money raised

If the Group is new and the first receipt we charge to the Teaming Manager is returned without justification (no funds, expired credit card, stolen credit card or change of the bank account), Teaming will delete the Group unilaterally.

If the Group is not new and it's not the first receipt, we charge to the Teaming Manager – the Group can be without funds because they were already transferred to the cause-, Teaming will try to contact the Teaming Manager. If there's no answer, Teaming will delete the Group unilaterally.

Groups with money raised

In case there's money raised, we will try to contact the Teaming Manager three times. If the third time we try to contact her, there's no answer, we ask the other Teamers for promoting to Teaming Manager. If no one wants to take the responsibility or if there's no other Teamers in the Group, it will be deleted and the money raised will be transferred to the Teaming Foundation

Teaming Foundation takes the commitment of using these funds for the benefit of the community, investing on improving the platform o donating funds to social causes.

In case of expulsion because of criminal reasons

The Groups with Teaming Managers who has been expulsed because of criminal reasons will be investigated. If the cause is not affected by the criminal case, we will transfer the funds to the social cause and we will ask the other Teamers if someone wants to promote to Teaming Manager. If no one wants, Teaming will delete the Group.

If the cause is affected by the criminal case, we will ask the Teamers of the Teaming Group if they want to transfer the funds to a similar social cause or to Teaming Foundation. After that, the Group will be deleted. If there's no other Teamers, the funds will be transferred to Teaming Foundation.