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Legal Agreements Teaming

3. Terms of use for Teaming Manager user

Closure/change of Project

A project associated with a Group can be closed without affecting the continuance of the Group, as the latter can continue to function without an associated project.

  • - Closure/change of project making a donation: If a Teaming Manager decides to close the associated project and leave the Group without an associated project or change the project when a donation has been made, the record of projects with which the Group has collaborated will be saved and be visible on the Group tab. A communication will be sent to the rest of the Teamers of the Group.

  • - Closure/change of project without making a donation: A Group project may also be changed or closed by the Teaming Manager without any donation having been made, in which case, the Teamers will be informezby email and asked for their approval.

When the project is closed without the Group having made any donation to it, the system will inform the Teaming Manager that he is closing a project without having made any donation and invite him to do so at that time. If he still wishes to close the project, TEAMING will delete the project and it will not be recoverable. All data relating to the project will be deleted from the Group.