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Legal Agreements Teaming

2. General terms of use for teamer users and website visitor users


TEAMING FOUNDATION (hereinafter “TEAMING”) provides Internet users with the website of which it is owner and proprietor (hereinafter “Website”).

Access and use of the website is completely voluntary and gives whoever does so the status of USER. All USERS accept, from the time at which they access the website, with no reservations, the contents of these "General Terms of Use", the “Privacy Policy” “FAQs” and, where appropriate, any "Particular Conditions" that may supplement, replace or amend them in any way in relation to the services and contents of the WEBSITE. Therefore, the USER must read the former and latter before accessing or using any website, under his sole responsibility.

TEAMING reserves the right to change the design, presentation, contents and/or configuration of this Website without prior notice.

The User may access, print, download and save the Legal Terms at any time. These Legal Terms will also be permanently accessible on the Website through the Legal Terms link.

In all cases, TEAMING reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to deny access to this website to any USERS who violate any of these general terms or particular terms that are applicable to them, and to review the contents and block them if deemed necessary.

TEAMING has enabled a complaints system so that any user or visitor who deems appropriate may submit his complaint or comment. To do so, please complete and send an email form preselecting complaint as “type of question”.