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Legal Agreements Teaming

2.General terms of use for teamer users and website visitor users

Contents provided by teamer users and teaming manager users

By providing contents in the website, the user declares himself to be the legitimate owner of the intellectual and industrial property rights or to be authorized for the distribution and public communication of the contents.

The user who provides contents and photographs relating to third parties on the website declares that he has previously informed them and that they have authorized him to publish them on the website

However, the user authorizes and therefore expressly assigns to TEAMING, the content provided for its reproduction, distribution and public communication on the website and for its use in other media of the sector, for an unlimited period.

In all cases, the User maintains the intellectual property rights over the contents provided.

TEAMING fully complies with the regulations on the Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property rights, respecting the image and honour rights of the people featured in the photographs; and with its Privacy Policy.

TEAMING does not allow the distribution, management or communication of contents that impair the quality of the service. It is prohibited to provide content which:

  • - Is allegedly illegal according to national, community or international law and which performs allegedly illegal activities or violates the principles of good faith.

  • - Does not meet the quality standards established in TEAMING.

  • - Violates the fundamental rights of individuals, may seek the weakness of the user, violate the rules of courtesy on the network, are a nuisance and may generate negative opinions in our users or third parties. Specifically, and by way of example: which violate the legal rights of third parties; contents that promote or encourage the creation, maintenance and promotion of businesses related to pornography, obscene material or management of erotic contacts; contents related to clairvoyance, tarot, the “occult” or any other related content; and in general any contents that TEAMING deems inappropriate for users and, particularly, minors.

  • - And in general which violate the principles of legality, honour, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of public order, protection of privacy, consumer protection and protection of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Rules for Participation in tools and areas of User participation

In no case shall the publication of contents that overtly encourage hatred, contempt or discrimination for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, nationality, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance be permitted. Neither shall any attempt, whatever its purpose, to impersonate third parties or the publication of private contact details be tolerated under any circumstances.

Neither shall messages containing 'spam' or those with links to websites that have nothing to do with the conversation be approved.

We are looking for polite messages for the exchange of opinions, so no personal attacks or messages unrelated to the conversation shall be permitted.

The User is responsible for all statements made on the Internet the same as anywhere else.

TEAMING reserves the right to delete, for any reason and without notice, any information or contents generated in the participation areas and provides Users with a tool to report any inappropriate messages or contents, accessible via a button enabled for the purpose.

TEAMING expressly disclaims any liability arising from the contents hosted by Users, subject to which it shall take appropriate measures to detect and handle complaints about possible illegal activities by Users, expressly reserving the right to interrupt, at any time and without notice, temporarily or permanently, the participation service offered to any user whose contents may be considered illegal, prohibited or just inappropriate.

In this respect, TEAMING reserves the right to withdraw from the Website, without notice, any contents deemed inappropriate to the characteristics and purposes of TEAMING.

TEAMING cannot control each and every one of the contents published, so it cannot take responsibility for the contents.

Nevertheless, the contents entered and published are reviewed periodically to ensure TEAMING's principles of quality and the rules indicated herein.

If you notice any inappropriate contents on the website, please contact us through our User Servic department:

The users of this service are solely responsible for obtaining any type of authorization, permit or licence, should they be necessary for the production and publication of any contents.

Any User that enters contents that contravenes current law shall take sole responsibility for any damages and consequences thereof, exempting TEAMING from any liability.

Contents may only be entered in the Group tab by the Teaming Manager thereof.

The publication of contents and/or opinions is not permitted in any Group tab or forum in which you are not participating.

Only Teamer users and Teaming Managers may participate in the forum of their Group.

Contents published in the forum may only be deleted by the Teaming Manager of the Group or by their respective creators.

All contents relating to the Group that are published either on the Group tab or in the forum will be public, both for teamer users and for visitor users.

Both the personal tab of the Teamer and the personal tab of the Team Manager will only be accessible to the owners thereof.