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Scooby Medina

For more than 30 years, Scooby has been providing shelter to abandoned and mistreated animals. In the 90's we brought to light the atrocities inflicted on galgos (Spanish greyhounds). At present, we are the biggest shelter in Spain, currently homing more than 1000 dogs and cats and 200 farm animals. Our resources are very limited and we depend mainly on the donations. Please, join us so we can continue saving lives and providing these animals with the future they deserve.

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Rescani vzw Help ons helpen

Rescani biedt hulp aan verenigingen en asielen in Spanje en Roemenië die honden van de straat en uit dodingsstations halen. Rescani helpt hen met: • financiële hulp voor medische kosten en operaties • Voeding voor de asielhondjes • adopties • opvang en noodhulp • Financiële ondersteuning bij sterilisatiecampagnes

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Dogma's Pack

Dogma is a real dog mom! She takes care of 19 rescued dogs from different country's all by herself. Stray and shelter dogs who didn't have a chance to happiness. She gives them a live, love and medical care what's hard to do on her one! She also needs a bigger place so she can safe more dogs in need and work with volunteers. Our goal is to raise money to accomplish her dream! Those dogs count on her, I hope we can count on you! If you like our project, please join our group.Thank you!

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Teamer des de:  20/10/2020

Einfach Tierschutz e.V.

Wir betreiben ein privates Tierheim mit 400 Hunden die wir täglich versorgen und auch behandeln. Wir sind die einzige Hoffnung dieser Hunde und hoffen auf Deine Unterstützung

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Teamer des de:  28/10/2020

Galgo Project

We, Galgo Project Foundation, support shelter Huellas Puertollano, a private foundation in Spain with only one mission, to find a new home for stray animals that have been left to their own devices. Help them and become a Teamer? Every month you donate 1 euro through Teaming and with this you support our work in Spain! Teaming is easy and reliable. Cancellation is possible monthly.

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Teamer des de:  21/11/2020

Sasha shelter Serbia

Sasha takes care of 750 unwanted dogs .. – this has never been his dream - but the dogs are there, waiting for food, waiting for help.. every day..again. The dogs are kept in packs, they run free for 8 hours per day, they eat, rest and play together. They are safe. Safe from the dangers of the street and humans. We help them with food and basic medication. We also run a sterilization program and try to improve care for the old and weaker dogs and abandoned pups.

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Stichting Dogs from Spain

Stichting Dogs from Spain provides home and care for various dogs (from Spain, but also from other countries) with physical or mental issues: dogs who are afraid of humans, can't adjust to living in a " normal" household, handicapped dogs (blind, lame) and for " just" old dogs saved from horrible lives. All dogs can live inside, we do not use kennels!! Please follow us also on FB: Stichting Dogs from Spain.

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Teamer des de:  11/02/2021

Dierentehuis de Achtste Hemel - Jessica

Lammetje Jessica is door haar moeder al vanaf de geboorte verstoten. Ze heeft bij ons een fijn thuis gevonden waar ze in alle liefde mag opgroeien. Voor Jessica zijn we op zoek naar 75 virtuele ouders/teamers om zo haar verzorging te kunnen bekostigen. Voor €1 per maand helpt u ons om Jessica alle zorg te geven die ze nodig heeft.

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Teamer des de:  23/02/2021

PRODEAN-Proderechos Animal Campo de Gibraltar

Asociación Pro-Derechos del Animal del Prodean Campo de Gibraltar carries with great effort the shelter of La Línea. They keep fighting to keep the Peter's idea of saving all possible animals. They have no government help and are supported by donations and adoptions. Maintenance, veterinary, medicine and worker expenses are very high. The friend associations in Germany and the Netherlands help the shelter. But there is always lack of everything. Help me help them!.

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Souls of Strays/SOS Hoffnung für Pfötchen EV

Wir sind Vereine in Deutschland und Österreich, die in Aleksinac die Tierschützerin Dragana Penic unterstützt. In Serbien sind Tiere, besonders Hunde und Katzen nichts wert. Um die Tiere wird sich in der Regel nicht gekümmert. Gesundheit und Kastration interessiert keinen. Sind die Tiere alt, krank, verletzt oder gibt es unerwünschten Nachwuchs, werden die Tiere irgendwie entsorgt, wie man bei uns Müll entsorgt. Wir kümmern uns um die Tiere, kastrieren vor allem auch und brauche Hilfe.