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Aktion Tierisch Happy e.V.

We are a small animal rescue group in Germany, located near Frankfurt. We have several projects within Germany and other European Countries. We fight every day for homeless dogs and cats and are happy and thankful for any kind of help. The money raised via teaming is used for our castration project in Spain.

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S.O.S. Gatos Murcia

He creado este grupo para recaudar fondos y así poder ayudar a esterilizar gatas callejeras. Mantenemos diariamente a 3 colonias a las que esterilizamos, damos de comer y damos asistencia veterinaria. Necesitamos ayuda para poder financiar este proyecto . Si deseas más información de nuestro trabajo puedes consultarlo en: Gracias¡¡¡¡

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Kitten Safe House in Kroatien

Daniela Knezevic and Nadine Bartel lead the Kitten Safe House. They usually take on injured street cats, kitten thrown into the trash or abandoned cats. Try to look after them well and give them in good hands. They also look after feeding sites and catches the cats for castration. There are at least 60 cats in her house, all of whom need food, medicines, cat litter and medical care. This all costs money, you can help us to support Daniela and her crew!