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Scooby Medina

For more than 30 years, Scooby has been providing shelter to abandoned and mistreated animals. In the 90's we brought to light the atrocities inflicted on galgos (Spanish greyhounds). At present, we are the biggest shelter in Spain, currently homing more than 1000 dogs and cats and 200 farm animals. Our resources are very limited and we depend mainly on the donations. Please, join us so we can continue saving lives and providing these animals with the future they deserve.

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GALGOS EN FAMILIA es un refugio de galgos fundado por Vera Thorenaar. Su trabajo es rehabilitar y conseguir adopciónes. Nuestros galgos se entregan con analíticas hechas, microchip,castrados,cuestionarios y visita de casa y contrato. GALGOS EN FAMILIA is a shelter for galgos founded by Vera Thorenaar.Its main aim is to rehabiltate & find adoptions.Our galgos are adopted chipped,tests,castrated,questionnaires,home visit & contract.

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Galgoleku rescate y adopción de galgos

Rescatamos galgos que se encuentran abandonados o son desechados por los cazadores. Después les hacemos un exhaustivo protocolo veterinario, los socializamos y los damos en adopción. Los fondos de esta asociación son destinados en su totalidad al rescate y recuperación de los galgos. Si quieres más información

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A rescue and rehoming sanctuary for abused, neglected and abandoned Galgos and Podencas in Malaga, Spain. Entirely voluntary funded, this charity has saved the lives of many Galgos left to die on the streets. All our dogs are vaccinated, neutered, and rehabilitated before we place them in forever homes. This group is to raise money for ongoing running costs and vets fees for special cases like Ebro.

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Galgos del Sol

Galgos del Sol is a non profit charity located in Murcia, Spain. We are dedicated to rescue abandoned and injured galgos to rehabilitate them and find them forever homes in different parts of the world. Thousands of galgos are abandoned or killed each year at the end of the hunting season. Galgos del Sol depends totally on donations for our survival, join our group and change the lives of many of them. Thank you.