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Welcome to my Teaming Group. My name is Cristina Icleanu, I’m a Romanian rescuer involved in animal welfare since several years. You can find out more about my work through my FB Page and website Today the emergency is that I must move from the land that I rent to shelter my rescues. I’ve bought a new land located north of Bucharest and I must start to build my future Rescue Center and rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. For 1€ per month be part of a unique project, my Sanctuary

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Hier werden Schäferhunde von ganz Europa gerettet. Jörg rettet seit 12 Jahren Schäferhund, in dieser Zeit wurden über 300 Schäferhunde in ein glückliches zuhause vermittelt. Alte, nicht vermittelt und kranke Schäferhunde dürfen ihr dasein bis zum Lebens Ende bei im und seinem Team genießen.

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Associazione U.N.A. di Pontecagnano

The group U.N.A. Carmine Longo was created by Carmines father, who, as an act of remembrance, want to continue helping stray dogs, injured animals and find foster homes, after his pet-loving son died in a horrible motorcycle accident in 1997 while he tried to transport a dog to his forever-home.