Cats of the Nile

Cats of the Nile

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Cats of the Nile aims to support animal shelters and rescuers in Egypt. Animals have 0 rights in Egypt and are dumped, beaten, kickid, set on fire, poisoned or shot on a daily basis. Rescuers fund all of their rescues out of their own pocket, as donations are scarce. The profit of this teaming will enable them to provide food and medical care for the animals in their care.

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Save Egyptian cats

Cats of the Nile

We aim to support Egyptian rescuers by buying food for the cats they saved off the streets or by paying the cats' medical bills.

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Hanne Declerck
Teaming Manager

08/05/2020 11:04 h

Donations of this month will go towards helping this little girl who was rescued at a gas station in Cairo.

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