Catkeen Brasov

Catkeen Brasov

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Catkeen is an organisation who helps homeless cats . We have in our care about 130 cats , most of them came to us as emergency cases and all are available for adoption.

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Our goal is to help as many as possible and SPAY is the biggest help we can offer , as hopefully in a close future there will be not so many kittens in the street ( no close at the moment, but hope dies last ...) . At the moment , we have more than 100 spays/ neuters done , but we were unable to pay , yet and we hope you offer a small helping hand . Any help matters and will save not just a cat , but hundreds . No kitten or cat wants to live in basements or hide in the engine of cars , they only do it , as they have no more place to shelter :( or to feel a little warm :( , so please help us spay as many as possible . 1 spay/neuter is 20 euro , feel free to spay 1, 2, 3 or how many you think you can and wish and they will be forever thankful . We thank you for any help ! <3

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