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Nourriture pour l'orphelinat Kibera Pride (Kenya)

Against child hunger. We are an orphanage in Kibera, the largest slum settlement in Africa, which helps the most vulnerable and needy children in the area. We need donations to help us feed 26 children who are already living with us plus 45 who are coming to spend the weekend. The more help we gather, the sooner we can get more children off the street! Together we can fulfill this dream! Thank you very much!

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SOS Réfugiés (Espagne)

Association indépendante, organisée en réseau de plateformes et de bénévoles. Réfugiés des conflits en Syrie, en Irak, en Afghanistan, au Nigeria, etc. Collecte d'aide humanitaire pour la Grèce : pour aider les réfugiés vivant dans la rue, dans des camps ou dans des bâtiments abandonnés. Fourniture d'aide humanitaire directe, nourriture pour 6000 réfugiés,etc. Cuisine dans la rue

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Tod@s con Siria

For the past nine years, the people of Syria have been suffering the devastating consequences of war with no end in sight. A staggering 13.1 million people across Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, including more than five million children. Three million people are living in besieged areas without access to humanitarian aid and the total number of displaced Syrians has risen to 11.5 million. With only 1€ every month you have the power of saving lives.