Carmen María Montes Rubio

Carmen María Montes Rubio

Almería, Spagna

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Help the street dogs of the Comarca de Níjar, Almería, collected from the streets. We are three volunteers without any help that we do not give enough with so much animal abandoned. Between operations due to such serious cases of abuse that we are, food, castration, chipado ... many times we are forced to put it out of our pocket, if you can or leave it to duty in veterinary clinics. That's why we would appreciate any kind of help.

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We are a group of volunteers who try to do everything possible to help the street cats of Retamar and make their life and coexistence with humans easier. We need help with their nutrition and veterinary treatments (sterilizations, necessary cures, deworming, etc.), as well as to disinfect their areas and keep them clean. If you want to collaborate with our project we will be very grateful!

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Somos un grupo de personas solidarias unidas por una causa común, el amor a los animales, rescatamos a las víctimas de abandono y maltrato, ayudando en su recuperación y buscándoles un hogar, ¿podrías colaborar con 1€/mes? Gracias de antemano por ayudarnos a hacer su vida un poco mejor