Carlos Mateu

Barcelona, Spanien

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Wyvernheart's colony

Hi everyone, this is the Wyvernheart's colony teaming. We take care of feeding, medical care and sterilize one colony of cats in Málaga. We are students without any earnings but with a lot of motivation. All spending will be in our facebook page La colonia de Wyvernheart. Thank you so much (:

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Animaneko, Asociación Protectora de Animales

Animaneko es una Asociación Protectora de Animales sin ánimo de lucro creada en 2018 para ayudar a los animales dentro del territorio español.

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Teamer seit:  06/12/2020

Associació Me merezco Galgo más

We are a non-profit association dedicated to rescue and bring greyhounds and other dogs, mostly discarded from hunting, from the rest of Spain and find them a suitable home here in Catalonia preferably, although we have adopters in many parts of Spain. We need help to pay for residences, transfers, feed, veterinary care, sometimes sterilizations, and other expenses for their maintenance. Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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Teamer seit:  14/01/2021

Galgos de Leon

Asociación sin ánimo de lucro,para la defensa, acogida y adopción de galgos en la provincia de León. Colabora con nosotros...con vuestra ayuda podremos salvar a estos angelitos y darles una vida más feliz.