Care for animal rescue in Egypt

Care for animal rescue in Egypt

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" Care " is a small shelter in Egypt, we rescue the injured homeless animals from the streets, give them the medical treatment that they need , provide them a secure place and we doing our best to find a good homes for them abroad, because most of our rescued cases are special need .we have a lot of responsibilities towards them such as (vet bills ,surgeries, castrations, vaccinations, transportation, food ,rent ,cleaning tools, worker,..etc ) 1 € per month will help us a lot❤️ thank you

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Castrations surgeries

Neutering 9 (M) dogs

Dear Animals lovers, I would like to thank you so much for your kind support ❤️. received ☘️ 20€ . this amount will be paid to the vet under the project name : castrations. we managed to castrate 9 male dogs this month , to control the over population.

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