GaGa Animal CARE: Cat Action Rescue Eresos

GaGa Animal CARE: Cat Action Rescue Eresos

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Part of the GaGa Animal Care charity is "Cat Action & Rescue Eressos (CARE)”. Bringing together the amazing work that has been developed and achieved over many years in Skala Eressos, Lesvos. CARE ensures that the cats in Skala Eressos receive the best possible (medical) care and organises and facilitates health and sterilisation programmes that work to maintain a more healthy and stable population.

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GaGa Animal CARE

The cats in Eresos (Lesvos)

To feed the Eresos cats and keep them healthy! So we buy catfood, give them (medical) care and do sterilisations in the fight against animal suffering. Thank you for your support.

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Annelies Nooijen
Annelies Nooijen
Teaming Manager

13/04/2022 15:04 h

In order to provide even better care for the cats in Eressos, there is a new partnership: Cat Action Rescue Eresos, or CARE.

This project includes a year-round feeding programme, (medical) care and sterilisations. Also possible rehoming of special need cats by partners in the Netherlands.

From now on Teaming donations will not be used only for the cats of Monika's Cat Paradise, but for the cats in Eresos in general.

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