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Kittens In Distress Charity - Alicante, Spain

PLEASE DONATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR JUST 1 EURO PER MONTH We are a registered charity, which helps cats and kittens find loving homes; giving them medical treatment, vaccinations and also neutering as many strays as possible so there will be less abandoned or killed in the future. The charity uses a personal bank account to collect donations. We rely solely on the generosity of the public to make this happen. We don't receive any funding from the local Government. PLEASE JOIN US!!

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La casa de Lilie

We do everything we can to save abused, abandoned or street animals. But all this is expensive, veterinarians, care, treatments, hospitalizations, special diets. That’s why we need your help, so that we can continue to fight for all these helpless animals. Thank you all!