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Cádiz, Espanya

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Sotogrande Cat Care Society (SoCCS)

SoCCS (Sotogrande Cat Care Society) is a not-for-profit charitable association, officially registered in Andalucía, Spain, run by a dedicated group of 30 volunteers who work tirelessly to better the lives of our less fortunate feline friends. SoCCS runs TNR (trap, neuter and release) and feeding programs in and around the Sotogrande community and is focused on keeping street cat populations at healthy manageable numbers.

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The Animal Collective (TAC)

TAC's main objective it to raise awareness about animal rights & needs in schools and other youth settings through theme days, workshops and organised activities in shelters. This way we hope to decrease animal abuse and abandonment in Andalusia. We also organise fundraising events to be able to support shelters logistically and in emergency situations. Further, we provide volunteers to do repair and building work. Our motto is "Working together for the highest possible Good for ALL".