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Help Italian Strays

Der Verein ‘Tierschutzprojekt Italien’ hilft den Straßenhunden Süditaliens. Reiner "Adoptionstierschutz" verbessert die bestehende Situation nicht, deshalb wollen wir vor Ort etwas ändern. Wir unterstützen das italienische Tierheim "Canile Aipa" in Atripalda, wo ausgesetzte Hunde aufgenommen werden. Mit einem Kastrationsprojekte wird die Situation der Strassenhunde nachhaltig verbessert.

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Animal Rescue España

We rescue abandoned and mistreated animals all around Spain. With your support, all of us together can make this possible! Just 1 euro a month can help us a lot to make these animals' dreams come true!

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Oasi Dei Mici Felici onlus

Siamo un'associazione apartitica, apolitica e aconfessionale senza scopo di lucro, nata nell'Ottobre 2011 grazie all'amore e alla dedizione verso gli animali. Le nostre attività sono svariate e tutte finalizzate alla tutela degli animali, non solo gatti. L'Oasi dei Mici Felici non percepisce sovvenzioni pubbliche. Il nostro progetto in corso: realizzare un centro felino dove far vivere in libertà, ma nel contempo tutelati dai pericoli, i gatti dell’associazione e tanti altri gatti bisognosi!

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Aiutiamo gli A-mici di Yle di Maddalena Pontone

Yle è una fantastica volontaria che opera sul territorio della provincia di Salerno, purtroppo però è sola a dover gestire tutto, fisicamente ed economicamente ed è davvero al collasso tra gatti da far adottare, colonie da gestire ed emergenze continue. Con 1 € se siamo in tanti possiamo aiutarla, vi va di darci una zampa?

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(GALGOS, PODENCOS, Y OTROS) Este grupo está dedicado al rescate de animales en peligro, abandonados o perdidos, que no se dejan coger. Somos particulares y no recibimos ningún tipo de ayuda ni subvención, con tu aportación de 1Euro podrás ayudar a contribuir en cada uno de nuestros rescates, en renovar y reparar material... etc. ¡¡ Tu ayuda es fundamental !!! Gracias.

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Breakfast to educate and protect in Yemen

Yemen is living a brutal humanitarian emergency. The girls are married off in hopes that they will be fed. The boys are recruited as soldiers. Their lives are hell: rapes, pregnancies, violence. If the school provides food, families are more likely to bring them. We give milk, bread, egg/cheese/tuna and fruit EVERY DAY to 1525 children and their lifes have changed!!. 1 breakfast =€0.50. 1month=€11. TOTAL 3 school/month= €16.775. Your € FEEDS, EDUCATES AND PROTECTS.

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Private Katzenhilfe Lanzarote

small private cat shelter in Lanzarote: Sigrid, a very enthusiastic cat rescuer, needs help: Not only is she taking care of her rescued "regulars", but also of strays in the area. And of course, there's a never ending stream of emergencies coming in along the way. They all want to be treated and nursed back to health properly. As you can imagine, it is hard to say no. Sigrid is helping wherever she can. But this takes a lot of effort, and even more money.

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Smeura - Tierhilfe Hoffnung helfen aufzuklären, Überpopulation durch Kastra

As per Guinnes Book of World Rekords the Smeura is bearing the mournful title of being the biggest animal shelter of the world. Around 5400 dogs and 600 puppies need around 2.7 tonnes food per day. The staff members are doing an inconceivable job - organizationally, physically and emotionally. Driving around with a castration van and pushing the clearing up of the locals. Every euro is needed. There are some pictures in the project description.

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Casa de Tarek

ein Hospiz fuer alte und kranke Hunde. Sie leben bei mir im Haus, mit 24/7 Zugang in meinen umzaeunten Garten. Ich selber bin ein EW-Rentner, und habe mir mit der Rettung der Oldies einen Lebenstraum erfuellt. Sie bekommen hier fuer ihre letzten Monate Liebe und Respekt,Futter und Wasser, zwei mal gassi taeglich, Spiel und Hundekollegen, ich denke,so koennen sie einfacher und umsorgt sterben. 2/3 meiner Meute hat die 12 Jahre bereits ueberschritten.

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Futter und medizinische Versorgung türkischer Straßenhunde

Wir finden die Tiere unter unzureichnden Bedingungen vor. Sie erhalten eine Erstversorgung mit Futter. Kranke oder verletzte Tiere lassen wir ärztlich untersuchen. Um das Leid nicht zu vergößern, lassen wir die die Strassenhunde kastrieren. Wir gehen auf die Tierhalter zu und versuchen die Haltungsumstände zu verbessern. In primitivsten Behausungen sind die Tiere den Wetterverhältnissen ausgesetzt. Wir sorgen für eine erträgliche Unterkunft.

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WE BELIEVE in the importance of small things, in Love and Enthusiasm working miracles and that Changing the world ... IT'S A CHILD'S THING! Together we push: NOW WE ARE PLANTING TREES AND HOPE! "Love on wheels": Motorcycle doctor with portable ultrasound for rural areas. "Plumpynut": multivitamin food to treat malnutrition. "Victor Mandela": More than 1 million people from south sudan live in northern Uganda. "Pink Revolution" for the wrought of girls to be girls. JOING US!

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Con 1€ comen 7 niñ@s en Gambia

Somos Asturies por África una ongd asturiana que trabaja desde el año 2008 en Gambia. Hemos construido una Nursery School en la localidad de N´dunghu Kebbeh en la que se escolariza a 120 alumn@s de entre 3 y 7 años. La educación, los uniformes, el material escolar y una comida diaria (en muchos casos la única que pueden tener) son gratuitos. ¡Con tan solo 1€ comen cada día 7 niñ@s de la Nursery School ! Nos encantaría que te unieses a nuestro grupo y entre tod@s mejorar su alimentación.

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Help the rescue dogs in Radauti/Romania

Please, please, don´t look away..With your micro donation will be supported the public shelter in Radauti. We want to raise enough each month to cover the basics: to ensure the dogs are fed (the food costs are about 100 € daily), sterilised and that any medicines needed can be provided so please sign up. It’s just a regular monthly payment of 1 euro. It´s so little but if we all do it, together we can achieve something huge…

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Varna’s Samtpfoten

Varna’s Samtpfoten is an unregistered association, which has made it its mission to help the animals on the streets of Varna in Bulgaria. We try to save the cats and dogs from further suffering and give them a suitable home - and all this on a voluntary basis.

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DsN Animal protection for all!

The plight of the street dogs in Romania!., We have been dedicated for 5 years to help the animals in Giurgiu, Romania. There we currently take care of 200 dogs and 40 cats, all former emergencies, on our own large premises. All of them would not be alive without us. We take care of hundreds of emergencies every year, take in dogs and organize castrations, help those in need and prevent new emergencies - that's what we stand for!

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Associazione U.N.A. di Pontecagnano

The group U.N.A. Carmine Longo was created by Carmines father, who, as an act of remembrance, want to continue helping stray dogs, injured animals and find foster homes, after his pet-loving son died in a horrible motorcycle accident in 1997 while he tried to transport a dog to his forever-home.

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Das AlltagsHeldenNetz ist eine im Jahr 2012 von Peter 'PD' Dokulil gegründete unabhängige Tier- und damit auch Menschenrechte-Organisation. Ziele und Aufgaben des AHN sind, eigene sowie ausgewählte Tierrechte- und Tierschutz-Projekte und -Aktionen von Organisationen, Gruppen und Einzelpersonen mittels einer organisations- und gruppenübergreifenden Vernetzung im virtuellen wie auch nicht-virtuellen Bereich so professionell wie möglich zu unterstützen.

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My 13 year old daughter and I are French and live in Poland. Until then we saved the animals found on our way at our expense. We have seen it all happen at home. From the little Piaf "Loulou" that Maëlis found without a feather 3 years ago, and who still lives with us, to our goats saved from our neighbor's bowl !!! Today we are the ones who need your help for our 9 month old foal. AIDAN.

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Rehabilitación y Liberación de Vida Silvestre Neotropical YAKUSINCHI

Yakusinchi trabaja en los bosques húmedos neotropicales del Ecuador rehabilitando a vida silvestre decomisado y rescatado por el Ministerio de Ambiente. El trabajo es completamente voluntario y dependemos de donaciones para poder lograr. Trabajamos con muchas especies incluyendo ocelotes, monos araña, monos aulladores, monos capuchin, perezosos, nutrias, loros, guacamayos, aves de rapaz y muchos mas. La meta es la liberación sustentable de cada uno en su habitat nativo