Better Life With Refugees

Better Life With Refugees

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We are a growing non-profit formed by individuals from different walks of life and corners of the world, aiming to blend our backgrounds, knowledge and experiences in actions that generate inclusion, justice and respect for our planet, its natural resources and all those who inhabit it. We stand in solidarity with displaced people, building bridges for dignity and visibility, carrying out specific actions and raising consciousness on the need for change.

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Better Life With Land - contribute to a greener, more sustainable future

The Better Life With Refugees Community

Right now one of the main concerns of the BLWR team is the food insecurity for vulnerable collectives in Athens. Having had their financial aid cut, many refugees and asylum seekers are facing food poverty and homelessness. As a part of our Food Emergency Response Plan, we have decided to find a more permanent solution, which is the purchase of a piece of land, its cultivation and the further donation of the produced fruits, herbs and vegetables among our beneficiaries.

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