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Tierseelenrettung e.V.

Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe von Menschen, unterschiedlichen Alters, unterschiedlichen Berufen, Familie und eigenen Tieren. Das, was uns eint und zusammenhält ist die Liebe zu Tieren, um gemeinsam guten, transparenten und seriösen Tierschutz zu machen. Hunde sind die treuesten und ehrlichsten Wegbegleiter die es auf unserem Planeten gibt. Sie verdienen Liebe und Toleranz, keine Wut und keine Gewalt. Deswegen setzen wir uns AKTIV für die Hunderettung in Rumänien ein.

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Help for Ukrainian animals

We support 2 projects , in the cities of Chuguev and Ismajil . It is important for us to carry out active animal protection in our own country, our priorities are neutering whether of roads – animals as well as of animals of private persons. Raising awareness to give the animals a voice. We build quarantine & infirmary, animal welfare is just as important to us as humanitarian aid, because this is the only way it can work, “NOT ONE, BUT TONE”

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Friends4RomanianPaws e.V

We are a young association that has set itself the task of tackling the road dog problem in Romania. To achieve this, we volunteer to take care of two shelters. It is also planned to offer castration campaigns, so that in combination with owner dog castrations Romania is road-clear as soon as possible. You see, there is much to do and we hope for your support to continue providing our dogs with food, medical care and castration.