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Saving Macedonian Strays

We are a group of dedicated animal rescuers who are raising vital funds for Saving Macedonian Strays (UK RC 1170041) to purchase land to develop a purpose-build animal shelter with on-site veterinary facilities in Macedonia (FYROM). The team is currently caring for 200+ stray dogs and cats at a temporary shelter that is not fit for purpose or connected to any utilities. Please help us to realise our dream of creating a centre of excellence in a country where animal abuse is prolific.

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Galgo Crowdfundingsactie

Onderzoek naar Verdrag van Lissabon omtrent Spaanse Galgo. Wanneer de Stichting Dutch Galgo Lobby kan aantonen dat artikel 13 van het Verdrag van Lissabon onterecht wordt aangewend, dan kunnen zij binnen Europese wetgeving, Spanje aanspreken op de misstanden. Hiervoor is echter een uitgebreid juridisch onderzoek voor nodig. Om dit onderzoek te kunnen realiseren hebben zij momenteel 3.000 euro nodig. Dus elke euro is meegenomen om dit doel te bereiken.

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Pat's Rescue Retreat

This is Humphrey . He was 13 years old and had spent all his life on a chain . We rescued him from his horrible situation cleaned him up and loved him and although he only lived another 6 months we did everything we could to make up for his terrible start in life . This is why the retreat was established - to rescue abandoned ,abused dogs and to find them new loving homes where possible . If the dog for whatever reason cant be re homed then their home is with us for the rest of their lives.

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Los Caballos Luna España

La asociación tiene como objetivo el rescate, recuperación y reubicación mediante la adopción de caballos maltratados, abandonados o en peligro a causa de la crisis, y de ayuda a las familias que ya no pueden hacerse cargo de ellos. Otro objetivo es el de servir de asilo o de lugar de retiro, para caballos viejos, lisiados o que simplemente han dejado de ser útiles a sus propietarios. Sin que esto sea muy costoso para ellos.