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Ann's Canine Care

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At any given time I always have Galgos, Podencos. and other disgarded dogs in my care, who I have personally rescued from the pound, from hunters/breeders, from the streets, or simply brought to my door. And I've also fostered for a local charity for for a number of years, and still do. So please I need help with these dogs. Just a little every month would ease the financial burden. Thank you xxx

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Ann’s Canine Care Dog rescue

Ann Marie Payne

Help fund the ongoing care of rescue dogs

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Ann Marie Payne
Ann Marie Payne
Teaming Manager

25/11/2019 05:34 h

After 2 years with me, Muttley has finally found his forever home fairly locally. I couldn't have wished for a better home for him whith Catherine and Pete, and I can get to see him. Happy new future Muttley xxx

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Ann Marie Payne
Ann Marie Payne
Teaming Manager

21/09/2019 12:18 h

Please share the group. We need to reach more people <3

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