Animal Love and Rescue

Animal Love and Rescue

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We are a dog rescue center, foster dogs until they get adopted. Currently, we are building a new resort and we are in need of money. We also have some sick dogs, that we take care of every day. We are always in need of money to buy food, extra healthy food for the sick ones, medication, vet costs, and of course the new resort. Due to corona, it's very difficult to get donations in. But we believe our animals are worth it! They give unconditional love and friendship. They are everything for us!

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Help us to keep them all safe!

Animal Love and Rescue

Due to a problem that we had with someone who doesn't like dogs, a dog with distemper came into our group and infected other dogs. Now we want to vaccinate all dogs that still need first vaccinations (puppies) and renewal vaccinations for the ones who need it. So they are all safe for the future and can stay healthy. That is our first concern now. Who likes to help us reach this goal?

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