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Animais Como Nós is a non-profit organization from northern Portugal rescuing cats and dogs from the streets, harm and neglect since 2010. Our mission is only complete when they find good homes. But, in the meantime, providing shelter, veterinary care and food for the more than 900 animals we've cared for over the years is challenging and puts us under permanent constraints.

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Roof, food and health care for our cats and dogs, until adoption day!

Associação Animais Como Nós

Animais Como Nós (ACN) has been working in the area of Vila do Conde since 2010. Still, we get calls every day asking for help for abandoned litters and adults, or abused animals. Our ability to help was hardly struck during the pandemic: the events for fundraising were canceled and some people lost jobs and could not help anymore. Putting a roof over our pets' heads has a monthly cost of 500€ and we need around 250€ for veterinary food - that is expensive and not usually donated. And because neglect and abuse leave deep marks in animals' health, every month we find ourselves in constant strain with more than more than 2000€ in veterinary bills. Our team of volunteers asks for nothing for themselves. We work hard for these pets to find good homes and we only ask that the time in between their rescue and adoption is spent with dignity and access to basic care (and the love and care of our volunteers!). Thank you for your support!

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