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We help more thousands of social causes to make their projects possible every day. Since we launched Teaming, we have raised more than 20 Million of Euros for them, totally free of commissions. We have created this Teaming Group to help Teaming Foundation to keep helping the others with this platform. Among other supports, thanks to the Teamers of this Group, Teaming is totally free. Our dream: to be self-sustaining because of this Group. Would you like to join us?

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AlmaGea Sanctuary

AlmaGea Sanctuary is a recently launched project which, on the one hand, is committed to active environmental protection and, at the same time, provides a home for animals in need. We don’t only want to give a forever home to abandoned or mistreated dogs and cats, but also to farm animals with problems or saved from slaughter. We bought a 25.000sqm property in Sicily in order to have a lot of space for the animals & trees, helped a dog and 8 kittens so far. Please help us make a difference!