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Take Pluto and Alfi our from the shelter

Hello this is Angelo a volunteer from Sicily committed to help stray cats and dogs. Pluto and Alfi found the 12th of June 2018 in Siracusa in really bad condition, ever since they live in a shelter shared with other 500+ dogs. Please help me take them away from there and assure them a good life by paying a private dog hotel with all the comfort. We all know how bad is the situation of cats and dogs in Sicily too often victims of neglect and abandonment, that means 0 chances of adoption for P&A!

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Stray dogs Emergency Sicily

We are a group of animal rights volunteers from Syracuse (Sicily). We take care of the many emergencies in the area and we need your help in order to continue carrying out our volunteering activity. We are at the end of both physical and economic forces. Abandonments are on the agenda and we cannot cover everything by ourselves. The proceeds will be used to pay bills at veterinary clinics, food and the rent of a place to take care of the animals in need.

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Centro recupero animali selvatici

L’associazione MAN (associazione mediterranea per la natura), gestisce in collaborazione con l'Azienda Regionale Foreste Demaniali di Messina il Centro di Recupero della Fauna Selvatica Provinciale denominato "Stretto di Messina" che ha sede a Forte Ferraro, loc. Colle san Rizzo. Il personale della MAN, interamente composto da volontari molti dei quali con una elevata esperienza e comprovata professionalità, cura la gestione negli aspetti tecnico-scientifici ma per motivi legati alla carenza di