Angela cristina Constantinescu

Angela cristina Constantinescu

Madrid, Spanien

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Lapalomatriste Sanctuary

Lapalomatriste is a Sanctuary that is especially dedicated to pigeons. It is the home if hundreds of rescued pigeons, mostly ferals in distress, brought to us by caring people who wanted to give them a second chance in life. Many of them come wounded or are disabled for life. We also take in and handrear squabs and youngsters who fell out of the nest. Join our group and help us to sustain the Sanctuary and continue to give a forever home to more birds in distress.

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El Rincón de Selina Gastos veterinarios

Los gatos de movilidad reducida tienen un plus en gastos veterinarios, nos ayudas?

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Teamer seit:  22/12/2020

Los paraplejis de El rincón de selina

Soy una particular que se dedica al cuidado y rehabilitación de gatitos paraplejicos para que puedan tener una vida digna