Andrea Redman

Andrea Redman

Málaga, Espanya

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The PPPK teaming funds

Rescue and rehabilitation of PPP dogs in Spain including rescue from kill centres. We care and help as many dogs as we can but cannot do this without funds for vet fees, medication, cleaning materials and food. One cup of coffee in Spain costs more than the e we are asking for each month - in the UK I know you're lucky to get a coffee for £1 so you will hardly miss it! 1e/£1 per month yet if enough people donate it means a lot for the dogs at the PPP Kennels.

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Give a Dog a Home Malaga

GADAH Malaga is a small dog rescue group run by 2 friends in the La Axarquia region of Spain. For many years they have been helping abandoned, neglected and abused dogs. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe place for the dogs to recover and receive the appropriate care. Once fully fit, assessed and neutered the dogs are rehomed throughout Europe. This valuable work cannot be done without donations.