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Lion's Roar - Stop Canned Hunting

Lion'S Roar is a group whose main objective is the conservation of Wild Life, to make it possible we help and collaborate through donations with associations and sanctuaries that fight to rescue Wild Animals, from zoos, circuses and the indiscriminate breeding that uses them for the Canned Hunting. In all the rescues, the animals are in conditions of exploitation or abuse, we offer them through our collaboration that their living conditions improve in a natural environment.

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Galgos 112

Galgos 112 es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que se dedica al rescate y recuperación de galgos y podencos. Una vez rescatados los perros reciben el tratamiento veterinario necesario en cada caso y ya recuperados se entregan en adopción como animales de compañía. Galgos 112 no recibe subvenciones de ningún tipo. El 30% de los galgos y podencos rescatados por Galgos 112 llegan a la asociación en un estado crítico que requiere tratamientos especiales de larga duración y coste elevado.

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Barcelona Gat i Gos

Somos una asociación dedicada de manera casi exclusiva al cuidado del gato urbano. Contamos con un refugio felino donde están los gatos mientras se buscan adoptantes, casas de acogida y nos ocupamos de controlar varias colonias felinas en Barcelona.

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Gats de Gràcia

Nuestros obejtivos: -Cuidado veterinario, mantenimiento y control (mediante la técnica CER: captura, esterilización y retorno, la más humana y eficaz) de las colonias felinas en distritos de Gràcia y Horta (Barcelona). -Rescate de gatos abandonados o en situación de peligro y promoción de adopciones responsables con implantación de chip. -Impartir talleres educativos para sensibilizar y mejorar el conocimiento sobre los gatos y su presencia en la ciudad. Gracias por tu ayuda y difusión.

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Asociación Protectora Galgos del Sur

The Galgos del Sur Association is a non-profit organization located in Córdoba. We fight against the abandonment and massive sacrifice of greyhounds and hunting dogs, to raise awareness and awareness in society about this problem and give a new life looking for good families. In this group you collaborate with the expenses we have every day: veterinarians, rent, cleaning, food, etc. Keep in mind that Galgos del Sur does not receive aid or subsidies, we only have you to go on.

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Societat Protectora Animals de Mataró

CAMPAIGN € 1 = 1 VETERINARY Our animal shelter has always watched over the animals that live in our shelters, and she fights day after day so that our animals do not see their attentions diminished in spite of the difficulties. That is why once again we ask for the help of the friends of the spAm. In this case making an appeal to the strength of the union: only 1 € of each of us means being able to hire a veterinarian to ensure the health of our animals. You add up?

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El Valle Encantado, Posada Animal

El Valle Encantado es una posada animal, es decir, un lugar de cobijo y sanación para animales. Estamos situados en la Sierra Oeste de Madrid

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Animal rescue Espagne

Nous secourons des animaux maltraités et abandonnés. Nous pouvons le faire grâce au soutien et aux dons de vous tous. 1€ par mois et le rêve des animaux maltraités se réalisera.

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Fundación Santuario Gaia

Gaia Sanctuary Foundation is a vegan rescue and recovery center for animals considered as farm, where those who have been exploited, mistreated or abandoned, receive the necessary care to have a decent life for the rest of their lives.   Located in Camprodon (Girona) in the Pyrenees, surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains.   You could meet the inhabitants of the Sanctuary here:

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Fundación Santuario Vegan

Santuario Vegan was born in 2011 with the purpose that we work for every day of the year: saving and protecting farmed animals. Thanks to your support, more than 300 residents: horses, donkeys, cows, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry were saved from a certain death. Here, they receive love, care and health treatment in a natural space away from exploitation.

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Madrid Felina

MADRID FELINA es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro. Somos los que sabemos que Madrid está llena de gatos olvidados y gatos buscados, gatos maltratados y gatos perseguidos. Buscamos alcanzar un sueño: Crear un centro de acogida y recuperación para gatos de Madrid, donde puedan encontrar el refugio y la oportunidad que tantas veces no les brinda y procurar una ciudad, con gatos felices, salvados y serenos y en paz, con su hábitat y con los ciudadanos.

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Teamers 4 Teaming

Sur Teaming nous travaillons dur pour que toutes les causes sociales puissent réaliser leurs rêves. Depuis que nous avons lancé Teaming, nous avons récolté plus de 33 millions d’euros pour celles-ci. Tout ce que nous collectons dans ce Groupe permet à la Fondation Teaming de continuer ses efforts. Grâce notamment aux Teamers de ce Groupe, Teaming est 100% gratuit et sans commissions. Notre rêve est qu’un jour grâce à ce Groupe nous puissions être autosuffisants. Aide-nous à aider !

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Wild animal Sanctuary "Reserva Wild Forest"

We are a wild animal Sanctuary and rescue center.

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Santuario Winston de ayuda a caballos

This is a sanctuary to help abused & abandoned horses and other species. Live 64 equines and other animals in the sanctuary. The approximate cost per horse per month is 120 euros if they are in good health; if there are not, the amount can go up to a few hundreds of euros and even thousands. We do not have any public subsidy and we NEED YOU THE FINANCIAL HELP TO CONTINUE HELPING THEM. For those who can make some contribution please do so at: IBAN acc. num. IBAN ES89 2100 1277 8113 0027 3677

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We are a micro sanctuary and we have created an environment so that abandoned, mistreated and loveless animals are cared for in the best possible way and above all, loved for the rest of their lives.