Ana María Ballesteros Oviedo

Ana María Ballesteros Oviedo

Ciudad Real, Espagne

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Fundación Santuario Gaia

Gaia Sanctuary Foundation is a vegan rescue and recovery center for animals considered as farm, where those who have been exploited, mistreated or abandoned, receive the necessary care to have a decent life for the rest of their lives.   Located in Camprodon (Girona) in the Pyrenees, surrounded by forests, rivers and mountains.   You could meet the inhabitants of the Sanctuary here:

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El Refugio del Burrito/Donkey Sanctuary Spain

Ofrecemos cuidados, protección y seguridad permanente en España a los burros y mulos que necesiten atención por razones de enfermedad, maltrato y abandono. ¡Ayúdanos a ser el cambio! --------------------- The objectives of El Refugio del Burrito are the provision of care, protection and permanent security anywhere in Spain for donkeys and mules which are in need due to abandonment, mistreatment or neglect. Help us to be the change!

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Santuario Vegan

Santuario Vegan was born in 2011 with the purpose that we work for every day of the year: saving and protecting farmed animals. Thanks to your support, more than 300 residents: horses, donkeys, cows, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry were saved from a certain death. Here, they receive love, care and health treatment in a natural space away from exploitation.

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Grupo felino de Ciudad Real dedicado al rescate y recuperación de gatos abandonados para la posterior búsqueda de familias responsables que los adopten. Ahora mismo nos encontramos a cargo de 20 gatitos de diversas edades.