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Dogs are pack animals, they are born to live and work in society, their capacity to adapt and coexist with people has made them into domestic animals. By simple activities, such as games, people regain happiness and a sense of utility. Leaving behing, temporarily, personal problems. Animal-assisted therapy is an excellent treatment method in human therapeutic process.

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Una manera no agresiva y diferente de ayudar a los animales en situaciones especiales, difíciles y problemáticas sin sustituir al veterinario son las Terapias Alternativas y Complementarias para ellos, nosotros lo denominamos "MASCOTERAPIA" El gran lenguaje de comunicación con los animales son las emociones. Los animales domésticos son seres sociales que intentan adaptarse a nosotros, a nuestro ámbito familiar, creándose unas estructuras a veces equivocadas, nuestro proyecto busca el equilibrio

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Before deciding on having a pet, you will have to seriously consider adding it to your daily schedule, dogs can shed hair, dribble, cause damages at home, become ill or even have conduct issues. They need lots of attention, care, affection, discipline and lots of time. You will have to comtemplate if you have a real sense of motivation and a true resolution for your friend to be a vital part of your life, not a toy, an object, a whin or a secondary element.