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Association AmiCat

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Created on April 17, 2014, AmiCat is a recognized 1901 law association of general interest and composed of volunteers. The association supports stray and/or abandoned cats. Some of our protégés (elderly, disabled and/or wild) will remain for life at the association and will require specific care, specialized nutrition and/or treatments until the end of their lives... The association is not subsidized and lives on donations, it is thanks to you that together we will continue...

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Le budget vétérinaire (soins, médicaments et alimentations spécialisées) est notre principale dépense pour nos chats. La somme de cette collecte servira à régler une partie de nos grosses factures chaque mois. Merci de votre aide. ********* Pago de nuestros gastos mensuales El presupuesto veterinario (cuidados, medicinas y alimentaciones especializadas) es nuestro principal gasto para nuestros gatos. La suma de esta colecta servirá para ajustar una parte de nuestras facturas gruesas cada mes.

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