Alya García Lizcano

Baleares (Illes), Espanha

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Amics dels Animals Puigpunyent Galilea

It is a non-profit association that is responsible for a dog shelter in Puigpunyent. It is composed exclusively by volunteers to care for and cuddle these angelito @ s without family. But we need more resources to be able to meet veterinary expenses, including those destined for abandoned cats that require veterinary attention to save their lives. Become teamers, they need you !!

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AnimaNaturalis:Por la Defensa de los Animales

AnimaNaturalis lucha desde 2003 para establecer, difundir y proteger los derechos de todos los animales. Con euro al mes nos permite seguir defendiendo la convicción de que los animales no son nuestros para ser usados como comida, probetas de laboratorio, materiales para hacer prendas, servir como entretenimiento o ser víctimas de nuestras tradiciones. Conoce nuestro trabajo en O síguenos en las redes: Instagram y Twitter: @animanaturalis / Facebook: @AnimaNaturalisES

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Solidarios sin Fronteras. Breakfast to educate and protect in Yemen

Yemen is living a brutal humanitarian emergency. The girls are married off in hopes that they will be fed. The boys are recruited as soldiers. Their lives are hell: rapes, pregnancies, violence. If the school provides food, families are more likely to bring them. We give milk, bread, egg/cheese/tuna and fruit EVERY DAY to 1590 children and their lifes have changed!!. 1 breakfast =€0.50. 1month=€11. TOTAL 3 school/month= €17.490. Your € FEEDS, EDUCATES AND PROTECTS.