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For logistical reasons now we only help to spread the news of other associations, make solidarity trips and contribute our grain in cases of other associations. That is why from now on, we will donate each collection to other friendly associations to help with their expenses. Do you want to go with us? Welcome!!!!

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Protectora animales Verin

we need help for our dog shelter

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Somos un grupo de personas q rescatamos animales de todo tipo para crear un nuevo comienzo junto a su nueva familia, colaboramos de manera altruista y este teaming se crea para poder hacer frente a gastos veterinarios, suministro de pienso, transportes.., etc tb aceptamos donaciones de otro tipo como pienso, colaboraciones, mantas...etc 610276474

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AICA organization; We help the unwanted cants and dogs

We take care of about 100 cats and 11 dogs, with no help from goverment. Could you help us, with 1€ by month, to feed them and provide veterinary service? Thank you very much!