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Madrid, Spanien

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For more than 20 years I have dedicated myself to protecting, feeding and rescuing neglected or abused cats. I maintain a shelter of more than 28 cats, plus 5 colonies where I feed them every day. They only have me !! With only € 1 a month you are helping to continue with this Great Work and personal Sacrifice that I do every day without rest. They are my life !! I can't go on alone, I need help.

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Mis GatisPeludos

I feed 29 foster cats and rescued from the Street and 5 stray colonies, in 20 years I have never asked for help, but lately I feel very bad to buy food for them since I am unemployed and in the most absolute state of vulnerability and I would not like that because of this, the kittens go without food. That is why I have decided to create this teaming group, with only 1 euro a month you can help me so that these cats can continue eating. Thanks to those of you who join to help them.!!!Thanks!!!

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les chats de fred

J'ai une petite colonie de chats abandonnés qui viennent chez moi et s'installent. Les nourrir, les maintenir en bonne santé et les stériliser devient difficile financièrement. Un coup de pouce m'aiderait beaucoup.

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Ayuda para los gatos de Josefelina

Este grupo está destinado a mantener la colonia de gatos que con tanto amor y durante tantos años ha cuidado mi madre. Se trata de cubrir sus gastos de alimento y veterinarios. Como muchos sabéis, nuestra madre nos dejó y gracias a vuestra ayuda su colonia sigue cuidada con todo el amor. Solas sería imposible... Desde nuestro dolor, mi hermana Beatriz y yo, os damos las gracias por seguir ayudándonos. Quienes la conocíais sabéis que era una mujer maravillosa, siempre sonriendo, siempre ayudando.