ADALIPE, lucha por el lipedema.

ADALIPE, lucha por el lipedema.

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Adalipe is the 1st charity fundation for Lipedema in Spain. Our objective is to give support to affected people and spread the word Lipedema, unknown disease (not uncommon, 11% of women suffer it) misdiagnosed and not recognized in Spain that have us in a limbo without option to treatment, advice, investigation or alternatives. Your collaboration will allow us to continue working on behalf of those affected, their quality of life and promote research among other things.

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Adalipe Asociación Afectadas de Lipedema España
Adalipe Asociación Afectadas de Lipedema España
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30/09/2017 17:13 h

Gracias a los que hasta ahora os habéis animado a aportar ese granito de arena que puede formar montañas. Aún no hemos arrancado mucho, pero compartiendo y difundiendo entre todxs, estamos seguras que podemos conseguir grandes cosas por el lipedema.

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