A.R.A. Animal Rescue Activist

A.R.A. Animal Rescue Activist

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A.R.A. (Association Animal Rescue Activist) is a registered Romanian animal protection association, which has set up a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats near Bucharest. There are about 180 dogs and 20 cats. Our goal is to create the best conditions for our proteges for a dignified, secure, healthy and loving life. This can only be achieved through donations. www.facebook.com/AnimalRescueActivist/

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Shelter Unterstützung

A.R.A. Animal Rescue Activist

Geld für Baumaterialien, Reparaturen am Auto

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Ute Pöhler
Ute Pöhler
Teaming Manager

15/04/2020 11:01 h

Ich möchte mich von Herzen bei allen ARA Teamern bedanken, die bis jetzt den Weg in unsere Gruppe gefunden haben und uns somit unterstützen wollen.
Die ARA Fellnasen sagen DANKE !!!

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the ARA teamer who have found their way into our group so far and thus want to support us.
The ARA fur noses say THANK YOU !!

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