Teaming - 1€/month micro donations

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Want to start Teaming and see examples of Groups that can be created on the internet?

We'll show you a few examples that you can use as models:

Friends or family

You don't need to be connected to a company, foundation or NGO to start Teaming. You can create your own Teaming Group and invite your friends, family and acquaintances. Here's just one very representative case to show how Teaming works: a boy from a low income family was in a serious motorcycle accident. While the doctors did manage to save his life, his injuries left him paralyzed.

The boy's family couldn't afford to buy him a wheelchair, so his friends formed a Teaming Group to buy one for him. After a while, the boy's family was able to purchase the wheelchair thanks to the spirit of giving of all those who joined the cause.

This simple example shows a little help can go a long way. You don't need to be connected with a company, foundation or NGO to start Teaming... you can create your own Group and together with your friends choose which charitable cause to support. What really matters is your willingness to help and your commitment to doing so.


If you would like to start Teaming with your co-workers you can create a Group to help a specific charitable cause. One of you can be the Teaming Manager (and lead the Group) and you can then work together to choose which project to help. You can invite other people from your company to pitch in so that your 1 euro per month contributions will multiply.

To give an example, a while back a company donated the money it raised from among its employees to bring a foreign child to Barcelona for an urgent operation. The operation saved the boy's life.

Knowing that your small contribution helped save the life of even just one child is priceless.

NGOs or Foundations

If you know of an NGO or a Foundation that has a worthwhile project in urgent need of funds, you can start a Teaming Group to pitch in with its cause, and recruit friends, volunteers and supporters from your social networks to join the cause and help out. On the other hand, if you are part of an NGO or a Foundation, remember that you can use Teaming to raise funds or to post information about your organization's projects... the more people that join your Teaming Group, the more you'll have to invest in your cause!

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