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Legal Agreements Teaming

5. Data protection policy

Electronic communications

While completing and submitting the electronic form of , the User gives his express consent to receiving a newsletter containing the news and most relevant information about Teaming

The User can choose which emails he or she will receive and which he or she will not. You can configure them one by one.

The user also has an internal messaging service. The user can change his/her policy for this service and even disable it.

The only emails that can't be disabled, are the ones that we consider mandatory for the correct use of Teaming: confirmation of registration, verification of the email, the email for remembering the password, information about the funds transferred, confirmation of subscription or unsubscription from a Teaming Group, tax relief information.

The User who so requests, from his personal menu, may subscribe to the occasional emailing of informational announcements on new Groups created, comments and opinions about his Group, donations received to date or the resignation of the Teaming Manager from the Group. When the tool is available, the User may modify or unsubscribe from these announcements from his own personal menu.

To disabled some or all of the emails, the users has a private zone. You can access by clicking on here:

For security reasons, the user must know his/her access data for Teaming: email and password.