Teaming - 1€/month micro donations

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Legal Agreements Teaming

3. Terms of use for Teaming Manager user

Donation to the project

The Teaming Manager is who must transfer the funds from the Teaming account to the bank account of the social cause. The Teaming Manager can access an online form to do it, by clicking on a link located in the Teaming Group Page and in the private options of the Group – "Donate to the project" option in both cases.

The funds raised in a specific month won't be available to transfer until the 25th of that month, because is the period with more returning bills. However, the funds raised in previous months are available to transfer every day. To sum up, the funds raised are withhold 25 days.

The data necessary to transfer the funds is:

  • - Account Holder

  • - IBAN

  • - Country of the bank account

  • - Valid/official document where the bank account and the account holder are visible and readable.

  • - Valid/official ID of the Teaming Manager.

The Teaming staff verifies manually every transfer ordered in the website. We check that the documents are valid: taking into account the format, the content and the fact that they are related with social cause where the funds should be sent. By accepting this legal agreement in the sign up process, the Teaming Manager takes the commitment to send valid documentation.

The funds will be sent next working day after the verifications process ends.

After being verified by Teaming once, it will not be necessary to send again the documentation in future transfers. The bank account indicated is kept and we consider the Teaming Manager as verified.

In case that the bank account or the Teaming Manager who orders the transfer change, the process of verification will start over.

The Teaming Manager can cancel the transfer if it is not verified yet.

Teaming can consider a transfer as a not verified if the information sent by the Teaming Manager is not valid. In this case, the Teaming Manager has to correct the problem or problems detected. All the Teaming Managers of the Group, in case there's more than one, will be warned about the problem.

A transfer could be cancelled if the Teaming stuff decide it has to be deleted and Teaming will justify why we take this decision.

Teamers will be informed by email every time that the Teaming Manager transfers the funds. The Teamer could check the account holder and the last four numbers of the bank account. The Teamers don't be notified during the verification process, it will be notified after the verification. However, they have available a link to report the transfer if they want to, in the email we sent informing about the transfer.