Legal Agreements Teaming

2. General terms of use for teamer users and website visitor users

Data protection

TEAMING is aware that for users it is extremely important to act responsibly in the management of the personal data provided by users. Therefore, TEAMING complies with all the applicable data protection laws and establishes security mechanisms and procedures for the management of user data.

For this reason, Teaming has developed a featured that allows the users to change their privacy policy easily.

These data are totally private and only the user himself/herself can have visibility and access to them:

  • - Email

  • - ID

  • - Birth date

  • - Adress

  • - First name and last name for the certificate of donations

  • - Banking data

  • - IP of register and access

These data are public. However, the user can change his/her privacy policy anytime.

  • - Name and Last Name

  • - Country

  • - Region

  • - Groups he/she is collaborating with

  • - The total and monthly amount of the donations

  • - Picture

All these data can be found in the public profile. This profile could be indexed by Google but the user can delete the Google result by using our tool to change their privacy policy. Normally, Google takes a few days before applying the change.

The user can decide to make private these data by clicking on this link (email and pasword will be asked):

There is one exception: the name and last name are always public. However, the user can edit them and indicate just a nickname. The picture can be changed to private either. But, it's not mandatory so you can decide to delete it.

The first and last names you enter for your certificate are completely private. They have to appear exactly as on your ID.

In the event of a third party and/or user considering there to have been a usurpation of their identity, they must inform TEAMING, providing the following information to the email

  • If it is a natural person:

  • - The username of the person that is usurping the identity (or the URL of his profile in Teaming).

  • - Your name and surname.

  • - Your username in Teaming (if you have one)

  • - Your address.

  • - Your contact phone nº and email.

  • If it is a corporation, NGO, etc.:

  • - Your name.

  • - Name of the company, NGO, etc.:

  • - o Phone and fax:

  • - Email:

  • - URL of the Group tab of your company in Teaming.

  • - Domain address of the company.