Teaming - 1€/month micro donations

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Legal Agreements Teaming

2. General terms of use for teamer users and website visitor users

Teamer user status


To obtain Teamer status, the User must register and take part in a Group making a donation of 1 Euro a month.

A user can join a Group from the Group tab itself by clicking on “join this group”.

This will require basic personal data for first registration (name and surname, email and password) and date of birth, town and province, ID Nº and bank account number to complete the registration as Teamer user.

To register as Teamer, the user must have a Spanish bank account.

Data entered in the form will be public to other Teamer users and visitor users, except the date of birth, which will only be visible to the Teaming Manager of the Group. The Teamer may view at any time the information related to the monthly donations of 1 Euro and donation history. Information related to bank details can only be seen by the Bank.

The Teamer will have a personal profile where he can access his data: the Groups in which he participates, total revenue of the Group, history of contributions, information on the Group and associated project, among other features.

When joining a Group created in Teaming, TEAMING recommends the user to:

  • - Join related Groups with which it has a connection.

  • - Join Groups created by officinal agencies.


Through his personal file the Teamer can perform the following actions:

  • - Participate in as many groups as you want.

  • - Make a monthly donation of 1 Euro per Group.

  • - Create a Group and become Teaming Manager.

  • - Agree to be promoted to Teaming Manager in any of the Groups in which you participate.

  • - Have your own public profile in the Groups you participate in and edit it.

  • - Have an internal messaging service.

  • - Participate in the Forum of the Group you participate in.

  • - Check the record of transfers/donations of the Group in which you participate.

  • - Send invitations to the Group to third parties.

  • - Receive notification of transfers/donations made by the Group.

  • - Modify your personal data.

  • - Unsubscribe from the Group and/or website.


When the Teamer registers as Teamer user and provides his bank details he is authorizing TEAMING to deduct 1 Euros per month and group from the bank account provided

Thus, debits will be automatic and the Teamer will receive the clearance within the first 5 days of the month.

The amount the Teamer may donate per group is 1 Euro a month, no more or less.

If you decide to join more than one Group, 1 Euro will be deducted per group and month and you will be sent a single joint receipt.

TEAMING informs the Teamer user that in no event will the amount donated to a Group be refunded in the event of dropping out of the Group.

However, the TEAMING system will stop deducting the Euro per month and group from the time at which the Teamer leaves the Group, unsubscribes from the Group or has had a payment error that it has not been possible to solve.

Donations made by Teamer users to the Group, until such time as it makes the payment to the associated project, will be kept in an account owned by TEAMING in Banca Civica.

A Group may have an associated project (to which the accumulated donations of the Group members will be allocated when the Teaming Manager so decides) or may be a Group with no associated project (when the project is chosen, donations may be allocated to project concerned).

Donations collected by the Groups will be allocated entirely to the associated Project or the Project pending association when published.

The purpose of the donations collected is for them to be transferred to a social project.

When the amount collected is transferred to the beneficiary the Teamer users of the Group will receive notification of the transfer along with details of the recipient thereof. Also, at any time, Teamer users can check the record of payments/transfers of the Group from the Group tab.

TEAMING informs that it uses online security protocols to prevent any type of fraudulent practice by Teamer users and Teaming Managers that donate 1 Euro per group and month. The Teaming user and Teaming Manager also expressly agree that their bank details, provided to TEAMING, should be accessible to Banca Cívica or any other bank involved in the process of transfer and direct debit management.

By joining the Group and making his donations thereto, the Teamer user expressly waives the right to receive the donation certificate. TEAMING is not required in any event to provide the Teamer with this donation certificate.

Data verification

TEAMING will check, according to its means and the current level of technology, the data entered in the form: ID Nº/Foreigners Identification Number/VAT Nº and verify the existence of the bank account indicated by the Teamer.

In the event of error in the payment of 1Euro/month, TEAMING will receive a payment error notice. Errors may be caused by:

  • - False account nº (intentional or otherwise)

  • - Return of the charge

Unsubscription of Teamer from a Group

If he so desires, the Teamer user may unsubscribe from the Group he participates in via the unsubscribe link accessible from the Group tab. To do so, click on the relevant button and confirm unsubscription. In no case will he be refunded the amount he has donated to the Group.

If a Teamer user decides that the project associated with the Group in which he participates no longer interests him and wishes to change to a Group with a different project, he must unsubscribe from the Group he participates in and reregister in the group he wishes to participate in. In this case, the donations he has made to the Group from which he unsubscribes will not be cumulative and will not be transferred to the new Group he participates in.

TEAMING may unsubscribe a Teamer user from a Group without his requesting it in the event of payment error by the Teamer. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

  • - The Bank will automatically unsubscribe the Teamer user. There will be no second attempt at payment.

  • - Teamer user status will become “payment error”. TEAMING will inform him by email, from its private menu and from its list of Groups, of the possibility to review his data and rejoin the Group within 30 days of his unsubscription.

  • - If after the 30 days have elapsed the Teamer has not reviewed his data and rejoined the Group, TEAMING will unsubscribe him from the Group.

  • - If there are 3 consecutive payment errors, TEAMING will unsubscribe the Teamer from the Group.

TEAMING will unsubscribe a Teamer user from the Group or Groups in which he participates at the time at which the Teamer unsubscribes as user of the website.

In the event of death of a Teamer, the person having knowledge thereof may contact TEAMING to unsubscribe him from the website providing the following information:

  • - Full name of informer

  • - Contact information: email

  • - Relationship with the deceased

  • - Name of the user with an account in Teaming

  • - A link to the public obituary or news article.

You can contact TEAMING via email [], mail, phone or fax:

Calle de Calabria 149, Entresuelo 1ª,
08015 Barcelona