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Who we are ? Hope for Romanian Strays :) Romanian charity founded in 2012 with great support of friends all over Europe. We fight all together to defeat the abandon of romanian cats and dogs, we struggle to feed daily hundreds of dogs and we organise permanent castration campaigns for cats and dogs in different comunities arround us . SAVE A LIFE! ADOPT A STRAY!

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ProDogRomania e. V.

ProDogRomania ist ein eingetragener Verein, der sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, Leben und Lebensqualität der Hunde in Rumänien (Baile Herculane und Ploiesti) zu schützen. Unsere Projekte: 1) Privates Tierheim von Mishu Stoica in BaileHerculane, Süd-West-Rumänien, ca. 300 Hunde 2) Städtisches Tierheim „Bucov“ in Ploiesti 70 km von Bukarest, ca. 2000 Hunde Kooperation mit Tierschützerinnen Mihaela Teodoru und Aniela Ghita 3) Privates Tierheim „Sanctuary of Hope“

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Bid to Save a Stray germany

Wonderland is a private Shelter in Targoviste Romania run by Cristina Paun & the UK Charity Bid to Save a Stray which Cristina is a Trustee of & funds will be paid to the UK bank account.. During years she saved more than 8.000 Dogs from death and hunger. Wonderland Sanctuary is a Home for +/- 1400 dogs & we have high monthly expenses to keep them all fed and cared for. Many People can move a lot and help us with only 1Euro to continue our Dream from a safe Place for romanian stray dogs.

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CARPE Rescue Shelter

CARPE (Care, Adopt, Rescue, Protect, Educate) is a non-profit animal rescue organization from Bucharest, Romania. The mission is to help animals in need, sterilize, looking for proper homes for them, but also educate next generations about animals protection. CARPE has a private shelter for about 150 homeless dogs, cats and other rescued, that needs all the help it can get. Thank you for helping us with a monthly donation of 1 Euro.

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SOS ARMS Saving Orphaned Souls Sheila's Animal Rescue Mission Romania

S.O.S. A.R.M.S. - Saving Orphaned Souls Animal rescue mission Sheila https://www.facebook.com/SOS.AnimalRescueMissionSheila/ ngo based in Brasov Romania . ❣️ALL LIFES MATTER ❣️ Your monthly contribution will be so helpfull for paying rent,utilities, workers, emergencies ( dogs hit by cars, cruelty cases,abused dogs from killing shelters) , spaying projects to decrease the number of strays , to prevent unwanted puppies and victims of cruelty ) , keep full tummies. Thank you for caring ❣️

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Group created to help dogs in Public Shelter Boldesti - Scaieni, Romania. We have in our care an constant number of dogs, as weekly more dogs are brought into the public shelter from the streets. Dogs that are in the public shelter for more than 2 weeks and not adopted, will be on the kill list. Our goal is to be able to prepare the dogs for adoption while are in the public shelters, and international adoption direct from PS to be possible.

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Welcome to my Teaming Group. My name is Cristina Icleanu, I’m a Romanian rescuer involved in animal welfare since several years. You can find out more about my work through my FB Page and website www.adorra.org Today the emergency is that I must move from the land that I rent to shelter my rescues. I’ve bought a new land located north of Bucharest and I must start to build my future Rescue Center and rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. For 1€ per month be part of a unique project, my Sanctuary