Vanessa Luque López

Madrid, Espanya

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HOOPE Animal Welfare

Hoope is an animal welfare organization that rescues, cares for and seeks homes for abandoned animals. We have two centers in Madrid, a municipal CPA and a sanctuary where various animals live, such as donkeys, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep ... Likewise, at Hoope we go one step further and carry out projects to help people at risk of social exclusion, because we want to take care of that essential bond that unites us and makes us stronger.

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TNR program for cats of Torrejón de Ardoz

Currently, Hoope is working on more than 30 colonies in Madrid, where we have already neutered almost a thousand cats, in addition to having found a lot of homes for them. Can you help us to continue helping feral cats?