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Rainbow Association Charity Shop

Depuis 2016, la Rainbow Association s'est engagée à améliorer la vie des animaux en collectant des fonds pour soutenir nos associations caritatives locales agréées qui soignent et hébergent les animaux dans le besoin. Nous nous soucions suffisamment de faire de notre mieux, nous nous soucions parce qu'ils se soucient. Si tous nos supporters donnaient 1 euro chaque mois, cela ferait une telle différence pour tant d'animaux. Suivez-nous sur Facebook - The Rainbow Association Charity Shop.

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Big V Sanctuary

Big V Sanctuary and Hospice is a Vegan Run animal sanctuary, based in Chateauponsac, France. We are a registered non-profit association caring for over 150 residents, both farmed and companion animals, who have been rescued from neglect, mistreatment or slaughter. Our vision is to create a peaceful world for all living beings; a world built on justice and respect, regardless of species. In our hospice, we take care of those nearing the end of their life, with dignity, kindness and respect.

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Elephant Haven - European Elephant Sanctuary

EHEES Elephant Haven-European Elephant Sanctuary, a sanctuary for elephants from European zoos and circuses. Many European countries ban wild animals in circuses. Where to place them? It is not always possible to send them back to their country of origin, so we help them by creating a "retirement home". Can you help us provide a retreat for elephants until the end of their lives? It's now possible to foster Gandhi for a whole year! Visit our website.