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Teodoras Angels

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Teodoras Angels is a a non profit based near Cacak in Serbia. We rescue and rehabilitate street dogs and dogs rescued from kill stations and public pounds across Serbia. We also help to feed local street dogs and offer them poly house protection each winter - visiting the houses daily to feed and check the dogs and providing vet treatment and neutering. We also promote neutering local dogs. Donations are paid into the U.K. bank of Aslan’s Angels and immediately sent via PayPal to Serbia.

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Aslans Angels

We are trying to reach 325 teamers to help us cover the cost of some help at Teodoras Angels for three days a week - this would make a huge difference to Toni who works 24/7 365 days a year - it will mean more time can be spent with the dogs and improving the kennels. All your donations are paid into the U.K. bank account of Aslan’s Angels and then immediately sent via PayPal to Teodoras Angels in Serbia.

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Heidi Bennett
Heidi Bennett
Teaming Manager

24/07/2020 10:53 h

We have received the first Fonda form the teaming donations and I sent them off this morning! Thank you so much! This is amazing! 1€ a month is not a lot but it REALLY adds up and we are so grateful!

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Kathy Griffiths
Kathy Griffiths

07/03/2021 14:46 h

Hello fellow teamers, I have just joined the group, I'm happy to support you at 1 Euro a month x

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Heidi Bennett
Heidi Bennett
Teaming Manager

04/11/2019 20:31 h

We will soon start to make this years poly houses - temporary shelters for street dogs to help keep them safe during the harsh winter months - they cost just £15 each and genuinely save lives.

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