Stray Dogs in Bosnia Need Urgent Help

Stray Dogs in Bosnia Need Urgent Help

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I would like to invite animal lovers to support rescue in BiH. I am trying my best to support registered charity SOS Šapice Gradiška - SOS Vergessene Pfoten e. V. They have rescued over 4000 dogs and find them homes in Germany. Dogs need our help as charity struggle for funds. Please support my cause and save a life. Thank you for your consideration.

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Spaying and neutering stray dogs and cats

SOS Vergessene Pfoten e.v

I have chosen organization which helps abandoned animal's in Bosnian and Herzegovina. They rescue and rehome over 50 animal's monthly. They help with spay and neutering but the charity head must pay it from her private finances as there is very little interest in supporting the only way which can solve and reduce stray population. They are building new shelter in Bosnia. It's funded 80 % privately. They are rescuers without borders .

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