Sonia Pinar Alonso

Sonia Pinar Alonso

Almería, Spain

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Equinac es una ONG sin ánimo de lucro dedicada al rescate de animales marinos bajo autorización de la administración competente ambiental, y exóticos.Queremos conseguir mejores equipamientos y material para poder atender en los rescates y durante su recuperación de forma más eficaz a los animales.

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Teamer since:  12/02/2020

Open Arms

We are Open Arms, lifeguards who, in the absence of action by the governments, decided to act in Lesbos, using our personal funds, with no other means than our arms and fins. With no fear other than that more people would die at sea. Now we want to go further. They needed us in Lesbos and so we went, with the help of many people like you. Now they also need us in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you help us?